5 Beauty Secrets from Around the World


1. Colombia 

Colombia has one of the best beauty secrets from around the world when it comes to shiny hair.  It’s not shampoo but a yummy and nutritious avocado!  Avocado is normally used not only in Colombia but in other Latin-American countries.  It’s very easy to do; you just need an avocado (of course), 1 tablespoon olive oil, and a ripe banana.  Mix together until you make a paste and massage into your hair like shampoo covering the strands from roots to tips.  Leave it for an hour, wash with shampoo and conditioner, rinse, and air dry.  I bet you’ll love your avocado sleek hair once it dries up!  You’ll get that shiny hair perfect for global beauty.

 2. India

Bollywood actresses recently have gotten their fair share of attention because of their unique and clear skin.  Little do we know that turmeric is their contribution to beauty secrets from around the world.  They don’t only use it to spice up their dishes but also for them to maintain a beautiful smooth skin.  Make a paste out of it by adding honey and yoghurt and use it on your face and body for that added glow.  Surely, you will get that beauty that is admired around the world.

3. West Africa


No wonder women from the Ivory Coast have hair which is rich in volume and luster, all thanks to shea butter.  A very helpful beauty secret from around the world, using shea butter makes your hair fully hydrated making it look sleeker and healthier.  Shea butter comes from the Karitee tree nuts which can be found in a region in West Africa.  This global beauty hair tip is amazingly an awesome advice to women who have superb care for their hair.

 4. France

I know this is a beauty secret from around the world that would benefit women who adore painting their nails!  French women are not only known for the popular French tip but also for knowing how to maintain the richness of color of their selected nail polish.  What they do is to soak their fingers in warm water mixed with lemon juice before painting their nails.  This will remove the residue of the previous nail color so you can start with a clean slate.  This is a best beauty nail tip you can get around the world.

 5. Jamaica

We all hate pimples especially if we are off to a date or an important event.  Do not fret, because a very helpful beauty secret from around the world is shared by our friends from Jamaica.  What they do is just mix baking soda and water to create a paste.  Dab the paste to your pimple and let it dry up.  As it dries, you’ll notice that it hardens and you can just wash that zit away completely off your face.  An easy but effective global beauty tip for you and me!


Exploring different strategies in preserving our beauty has never been fun especially if you use organic products on your body.  These beauty secrets from around the world surely will widen our options in learning about which style of beauty maintenance is best for us.  If you want your share of global beauty, you better open up to knowing and learning these amazing beauty secrets around the world.

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